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OnScreenExpert is your source when you need an expert's help. Screenshare, videochat, and work together in real-time.

Vetted Experts

OnScreenExpert handpicks and reviews each expert's skills and teaching.

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No scheduling back and forth. If an expert is available right now, just start a session.

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Review code, pair to solve bugs, or get a walkthrough of something new. It's your time.

Why use OnScreenExpert?


Sometimes the internet can't solve your problem... @#&!

You can hit a wall that you and Google can't quite jump over together. You can spend hours or even days chasing your tail on a potentially simple issue.

But there's an expert that can!

What's a wall for you, might be a particular expert's bread and butter. An expert can not only fix your problem, but they can also teach you.


We connect you to the right experts

We have vetted experts you can choose from that fit your specific needs. Before you know it, you'll be videochatting, screensharing, and pair programming with an expert.

Some common searches: Rails, Python, JavaScript, PHP, Angular

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How it works

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Provide keywords and search terms. Find the experts who have the right skillset for your needs.


Start a session immediately if an expert is online. Schedule a session based on expert availability.


Join a videochat with your expert. Pair program via remote desktop. Screenshare, chat, and learn.