Michael Kessler

Michael Kessler
$30.00 /15min (under 10 minutes free)
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I program since 30 years and touched many programming languages that have arised since then, like a game in 68000 assember on the Amiga, an adventure game in Lingo for Mac OS 9, video processing software in C++ on an embedded PC, large distributed systems in Java, single page applications in Rails and CoffeeScript. Currently building fully test driven large single page applications. I do also system architecture, code reviews, project management, requirement analysis, system administration, usability testing and build agile teams.

I'm an active open source contributor to the Guard project, see

* https://github.com/guard/guard
* https://github.com/netzpirat/guard-jasmine
* https://github.com/netzpirat/guard-coffeescript
* https://github.com/netzpirat/guard-cucumber

as examples, or my own template library that combines Haml with CoffeeScript,

* https://github.com/netzpirat/haml-coffee
* https://github.com/netzpirat/haml_coffee_assets

or a CoffeeScript API documentation generator:

* http://coffeedoc.info/
* https://github.com/netzpirat/codo

I'm self employed and have three kids, so it's almost impossible to give a fixed schedule, since every day is different. On Monday I often have planning meetings with existing customers, so I decided to give a fixed availability only from Tuesday to Thursday, because Fridays are often already hectically enough :) The given times are not fixed, I'm very flexible and also work at night or early in the morning, but that needs to be negotiated per booking.

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